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Outsourced Data Center Services

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Our Value proposition is best summarized as "Enterprise IT Capabilities @ SME / SMB Prices".

Small and Medium size enterprises (SME) and businesses (SMB) are often faced with the same competitive pressures as large enterprises. However, they donít have the resources to invest heavily in complex computing systems and IT staff with specialized skill sets. Yet, itís critical for these businesses to make sure they have the strongest, most dependable and expandable IT systems in place in order to compete and succeed in today's gobal marketplace. To meet these conflicting yet essential requirements, businesses really need a game-changing platform.

SMB value propositions are now built on technology foundations and the use of technology is one of the main tools SMBs can deploy to level the playing field against larger competitors. Even the slightest downtime or performance lag can cause irreparable loss of valuable customers, reputation and business damage. Thus, SMBs now have the additional challenge of how to build an IT infrastructure thatĎs efficient, scalable, agile, secure and highly available at an affordable cost. None of the advances in system, software and virtualization technology do SMBs any good if the hardware that offers solid performance, reasonable scale and enterprise-level availability is priced out of reach.

In this context, outsourced data centers have become essential business needs. Our data center offerings make large enterprise-quality technology accessible to even the smallest organization.

Outsourcing of IT infrastructure yields many benefits, including:

  • Minimal Capital Expenditure
  • Reduced IT overhead
  • Easier backup and recovery
  • Rapid provisioning and deployment
  • Streamlined, centralized management
  • Better resource utilization
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Increased energy efficiency

Can you afford not to look at a platform that will reduce server count by 9:1, lower energy and staffing costs and increase productivity?